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What is a Wild Zone or ‘Create-with-Nature’ Zone?

Wild Zones and Create-with-Nature Zones are places where adults, children and adolescents can co-create a new form of public space that is dedicated to creativity and play in nature.   They differ from parks and play areas because they offer opportunities to interact with the environment rather than leaving it untouched.

For example:

  1. create sculptures from natural materials

  2. construct dens and shelters from plants, branches

   and rocks

  1. build fairyhouses, gnome homes, elf dwellings

  2. make an ‘amusement park for birds’ or other


  1. play with water and mud

  2. weave fantasy play, stories and games into their


  1. other kinds of creative play

A Wild Zone or Create-with-Nature Zone is an

outdoor laboratory of creativity with open-ended

possibilities for self-designed play, creativity,

learning, and socializing.

Over time, evidence of the activities that have occurred in these zones becomes a changing portrait of the community's play and creativity – a hand-built commons and collective work of art.

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Slide show of Community Consultation, Exeter, 2015      Slide show of Family Play Days in Exeter, Devon  2014

Slide shows of Wild Zones in Europe London - Kosovo     5-min. video Wild Zone/Create-with-Nature Zone video